About Us

Empowering People to Make Selective Decisions and Develop in a Way That Doesn’t Endanger Their Environment

DARP Africa is a non-profit organization in Africa dedicated to poverty reduction, social justice, environmental protection and conservation, gender equality, educational access, and disaster relief. Darp Africa was created in 2008 with the goal of bringing about transformational change at the grassroots level, with a particular focus on the marginalized and underprivileged populations who are sometimes disregarded in the development process.

While we work in all eco-zones of the highland and savannah, we are now doing grassroots work in the Rift Valley in Coastal, Western, and Northern Kenya. In the near future, we plan to broaden our attention to cover similar places in Africa. Our work in Kenya is carried out by a team of specialists that work tirelessly to achieve our goals.

DARP Africa works to ensure the long-term development of Kenya's most vulnerable and neglected regions, as well as the vulnerable and marginalized communities who live there, as well as the preservation of the country's fragile ecosystem. Grassroots programs are being carried out in Kenya's inaccessible and impoverished highlands, as well as in the dryland savannah zone. Following research on crucial issues and policy gaps, required lobbying and support to other state and non-state actors is provided.

Darp Africa approaches development in a realistic and culturally appropriate manner, based on long-term community partnerships in which people decide the change they wish to see. Darp Africa strengthens the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to create more humane and equitable societies by combining grassroots activities, scientific and policy research, and advocacy at the national and international levels.

Dr. Ashitiva Ghai

Chief Executive Officer

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Our Values


Without damaging the environment, development is possible.

Darp Africa brings the benefits of modernity to the world's underserved in the world's most remote regions and fringe societies, while respecting their traditional heritage and conserving their natural foundation. We believe in a sophisticated and sensitive approach to development that values and recognizes cultural-ecological heritage as a source of opportunity. Wherever possible, our development solutions protect the fragile ecologies that characterize many of the regions where we work, while also incorporating rich environmental resources into our efforts. We also want to bring together ancient and modern aspects by using technologies that complement and respect traditional knowledge and skills.


Choices are made possible through empowerment.

Darp Africa believes in the transformative power of underprivileged communities coming together, as well as their innate strength and determination to shape their own future. This talent, we feel, is vital to human dignity. We work as change enablers, helping marginalized communities develop the imagination, ingenuity, and motivation to improve their lives and the prospects for their children despite a lack of resources. We develop grassroots capacity by facilitating resource self-management by establishing self-sustaining social structures and supports. We equip underserved communities with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed socially and economically.


An integrated approach to planning and development

Darp Africa believes that development programs are most effective and long-lasting when the root causes of poverty are tackled on a social, economic, and political level. We take a comprehensive approach, combining research, advocacy, awareness raising, resource inputs, and training with communities across related themes such as water supply and agriculture, healthcare and nutrition, education, and social norms – all of which are impacted by cross-cutting issues like climate change, gender, protracted conflict, and governance. Because we build development solutions with various, mutually complementary elements, our efforts have a track record of unbroken long-term continuity.


Establishing connections

Darp Africa believes strongly in bringing people together to collaborate. We believe that by combining our talents with those of other significant players, we will be able to achieve more efficiency and better results. We work with educational and research institutions, non-governmental and civil society organizations, business, national governments, and the United Nations. Darp Africa’s long-term relationships with recipient communities, which we build via polite discourse and ongoing participation, are just as important. We collaborate with schools, health facilities, police and municipal governments, cultural organizations, and businesses to harness the breadth and depth of ideas, abilities, and expertise to respond to particular development challenges in a collaborative and efficient manner.

Darp Africa's mission is to promote grassroots sustainable development in rural and marginalized areas while maintaining and promoting indigenous cultures and sensitive habitats.

Darp Africa’s vision is for disadvantaged peoples to live dignified lives free of poverty and injustice, with full access to development while maintaining cultural heritage and protecting the environment.